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The Amazing Mycodome

Welcome to the new Triple Helix Spores.com. If you love growing mushrooms then we have a wide selection of mycology supplies to fit your needs no matter what your skill level. Cultivating fungi requires many tools that may not be readily available to some consumers. We offer items such as pre-sterilized substrate and spawn jars as well as grow bags for someone who doesn’t have a pressure cooker and would like to work with grain spawn for casings and bulk substrates.

We also provide manufacturer direct All American pressure cookers and sterilizers if you want to cook for yourself. We offer everything mycology from Petrie dishes and agar to sterile syringes and glove box/dry chambers.

Triple Helix’s pledge is to respond to all emails within 3-6 hours (during business hours), ship your package out within three days of ordering, and provide you with the best online service and tek support available.

Talk to us, live chat! If something does go wrong with your product then start a dialog with us and all will be done to set things right. We love to communicate with the customer and encourage you to email with questions, comments, feedback, etc. We love mushrooms and if you do to then take a trip around the Triple Helix!

Why Grow Marijuana Indoors There are several reasons for growing marijuana indoors; the first is the convenience, plants are there within easy reach to care for them and they are also not as obviously seen as plants growing outdoors. There are still other reasons like the advantage of not having to fight pests or worry about the weather. Too much rain can ruin a crop, just as not enough rain can make the crop spindly rather than full, this is not a concern when growing indoors. There is also the ability to care for the plants better when it involves fertilizing and other care; plants grown outdoors are often hidden and difficult to give the proper care to make them flourish into healthy leafy plants. The fact is the plants grown indoors will get more personal care by the grower than from those grown outdoors, which means they will be healthier as a plant and in strength from this extra care. One of the large advantages of growing marijuana indoors is that it is superior in quality compared to plants grown outdoors, containing a higher percentage of THC. This is because plants can be grown in optimal temperatures, the correct amount of humidity in the proper nutrients. Temperature for growing weed and growing conditions are very important to produce plants with the right amounts of properties. Growing indoors can supply personal cannabis needs and while I will not overproduce such as for selling, the indoor crop does have quality over that grown outdoors and more readily available.

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