Basic Accessories
Tropic Aire Humidifier - $27.00
Penn-Plax Check Valve Filter - $2.25
Air Pump - $8.50


Glove Box Sterile Working Chamber

The Glove Box
66 quart - 95$
  Make all of your own spore syringes and perform inoculations in this contaminate free environment.

The hepa-type filter and fan allow for a positive air flow in the chamber so that only sterilized air flows out of the box's seams.

Cultivation / Growing Chambers
Our grow chambers are affixed with a hepa-type air filter that is 99.97% efficient for filtration down to .3 microns.
Stand Alone Incubator 66 Quarts - $82.99

Small Grow Chamber - $22.99
19 Quart

Large Chamber - $48.50
66 Quart